Fascinated  by some of the first Milanese writers, Dj Rash discovers graffiti in 1990.

This is the beginning: the first tags, the first pieces around his little town, Corsico, in Milan’s suburbs. Soon Rash ( which has always been his tag) becomes a reference for his surroundings. In those years he focuses on painting the walls of the Alzaia Naviglio Grande and several block pieces around the city, inspiring other writers such as Robin and Waeze, also know as Dumbo.  In 1994 he founds RNS, a crew of writers among the most respected in Italy, which counted among its members some of the most famous Italian writers, such as Dumbo, Robin, Oneman, 2Cake, Kato, Blast…

Around that time, he paints some among the first Italian wholecars (fully colored trains) and starts showing interest into the whole HipHop culture, including writing, breaking, rap and especially djing. This is how, as a Black Music lover, he starts splitting his savings between records and spray cans, spending his days going from Wag to Timeout, two reference shops for  writers and djs in Lombardy.

In 1995, during a trip to Australia, he gets in touch with Dj Skizo who gives him the motivation to start djing. Big Up skizo!Back in Italy, he gets more seriously involved into the art of djing and starts doing his first gigs.

In the meantime, with his crew, GR – TAK and MDF, he founds Lords of Vetra, the crew of writers which dominated for years the scene of train bombing in Italy. Always divided between two passions, he paints hundreds of trains and spends an important amount of money in spray cans ans vinyls.

In 1997, finally renowned in the Italian  HipHop movement, he starts playing and becomes resident dj in some of the underground clubs of the time, such as Indian Café, a reference point for years in Milan, then Magazzini Generali, Tunnel, Stone Age, Cafè Dalì, Cafè Blanco, Thunder Road , Atm Bar, T35, Corte Regina, Soul to Soul etc etc…

Now he is affiliated with B&H Crew, and also with Garbage Gang, a crew of snowboarders, skaters, djs, mcs, writers, photographers, filmmakers.

By Robin. (R.N.S., Lordz Of Vetra)